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Make your luxury house more effective with the right wall decor

In every home or office, the most visible area is … walls. Of course, walls must be given proper consideration and priority while decorating your home. But that’s usually not the case. Almost all interior designers and interior designers place much more importance on other areas than on the wall design. You spend maximum time with accessories, furniture, carpets, etc.

All these things are important. The same or more important is … wall decor. Let’s do an exercise. It’s fun, but it will show you how important your wall decoration is in a luxury home!

Stop what you are doing, get up and leave the room where you are. Stand at the entrance of the room. Close your eyes for a minute. Then open your eyes. While standing, watch what you see in the first 60 seconds. In general, what you will notice is Walls & Wall Decor – when there is no person in the room. But even if someone is in the room, you will still be watching the wall decoration.

What impression do your walls have on your visitors? It is an important question to answer.

If your wall decoration is not good, then your home will look simple and boring. It will not have the effect you want. Therefore, the decoration of the right wall is an integral part of home decoration. I will give you some ideas to transform your home.

7 things you can use for wall decor –

1 frame
2 room dividers
3 wall art
4 wall fonts
5 candle holders
6 shadow boxes
7 railings

All this you can use to achieve the desired effect.

Another important thing is different decor for different walls including color, texture etc. You can do that differently for each wall. You just have to make sure that they are synchronized. Means that it should synchronize with everyone afterwards. Here professional interior designer can help you.

One last thing – you should have an idea where to find these different articles and articles. On our website we have a resource page. Visit this page and you may find reliable providers for it.

So these are just a few ideas to have great walls and make a big impact.

Have a great home …

Vikas Bhujbal – Interior Designer & Decorator from Mumbai

Vikas owns Idea Inc., a Mumbai-based design company. For many years he has been helping his clients to live in their dream home. He does this through personalized creative ideas. His specialty is environmental architecture or green architecture.

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