How To Stop Depression Now

How To Stop Depression Now

How To Stop Depression

Depression can make you have a variety of emotional and physical problems. If the sad take place within a few days or weeks, disrupting work or other activities with family or friends, or thinking of suicide, this possibility is depression. Depression is more common in women than men. And of course many of us are curious how do I eliminate depression.

How To Stop Depression Now


  • Have a family history of mental health disorders, such as anxiety disorders, eating disorders, posttraumatic stress disorder or (PTSD)
  • The abuse of illegal drugs or alhohol
  • Some personality traits, such as low self-esteem, reliance, critical with yourself or who
  • Chronic or serious illnesses, such as cancer, stroke, chronic pain, or heart disease
  • Certain medications such as some drugs high blood pressure or sedative (discuss with your doctor before stopping the medication)
  • Traumatic events or that can create stress, such as sexual violence, death, or loss of loved ones or financial problems
  • Have a blood relative with sufferers of depression, bipolar disorder, alcoholism, or attempted suicide


  1. Meditation
    Do not think of any. If there is something that bothers, soon banish and return focus. We can also try to focus on one word, or imagine yourself in a place of peace.
  2. Do sports a lightweight
    Sports trigger production of endorphin, it also triggers the brain to think more positively. Research also proves, by exercising, we again gained confidence.
  3. Adjust food intake
    We can drink supplements, but a healthy alternative is adding foods rich in vitamin b. salmon, Switzerland cheese, spinach, peppers, shellfish, meat, eggs and low-fat milk.
  4. Ease with storytelling
    Open yourself to receive input, suggestions, and even help from others.
  5. Travelling
    Go to the new place and try new things changing dopamine levels are associated with pleasure, and learning.
  6. Write a journal
    Journal writing is a creative form to record your feelings, and the writing was free from the fear of judgment or criticism.
  7. Consumption of turmeric
    This study provides the first clinical evidence that Curcumin (turmeric) can be used as an effective and safe therapy for treatment in patients with mild depression.
  8. Trying tawaqal
    Many prayed and closer to the Lord can overcome depression.

to overcome the depression we have to find out the cause of depression and attempts to eliminate the cause of excessive anxiety by fixing You should dare to face it.

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