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Tips for Perfect Day Makeup

Daily makeup, ideal for those who go to university, at work or for lunch with friends, should not be excessive. The best choice? Get beauty to look easy and fast to make, but at the same time effective and improve your face.

From primary to lipstick, through mascara, below we suggest which cosmetics are best used and how to make perfect make-up, or elegant and quiet day makeup, perfect for every occasion.

Practical advice before doing natural make-up: You must clean, polish, and moisturize the skin. They may appear trivial parts, but they are needed both to clean the pores of the skin (and prevent the formation of pimples) and to protect it from the sun during the summer months. And now let’s get to the point: what types of cosmetics should be used to get natural make-up?

Here are some trends to take inspiration

1. Naked make up: This is a natural and radiant make-up that is obtained using bright colors from foundation, concealer and powder, ideal for hiding even minor imperfections of the skin. It is recommended to leave the eye almost natural, just give the shade of the eyelid with skin-colored eyeshadow and a little black or brown mascara on the eyelashes. For lips, however, it is better to use lightweight matte lipstick or simple lip gloss.

2. Neon Lips: this is a day-to-day make-up that aims to remove only the lips using colored lipstick. For naked make up, you must use bright colors from foundation, concealer and powder to light your face, before focusing only on the lips.

3. Makeup with shades of pink: pink is a natural color par excellence. It is recommended to use a soft pink (and not surprisingly) good for blush on and for eyeshadow, to get a truly perfect natural effect. For lips, however, it’s better to choose peach or orange lipstick.

4. Eyeliner: eyeliner is a distinctive feature that enhances all types of eyes and, if combined with nude make up, the results can be surprising. How to? Using eyeliner combined with brightly colored lipstick and eyeshadow.

5. Glowing make up: getting make-up invisible but that makes the skin super bright? The highlight just above the blush on or the irradiating primer used under the foundation can be the winner’s choice. For lips, you can use shiny and colorful lipstick in shades of orange.

6. Pastel cosmetology: pastel-colored cosmetics are perfect both for the day and for the summer, and are a good alternative if you want to make a little color, but without exceeding the feel that is too strong. Pastel colors can be used for eye shadow, combined with lively lipstick to give a touch of color.

The last suggestion, every blush is used, remember that it must always be nuanced if you want to achieve natural effects.

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8 Makeup Tips to Look Younger

Who has never dreamed of getting a younger look? You don’t need to use botox and filler. This is enough to play experts with make-up, steal the secrets of photographers and make-up artists, even if the best results are obtained on the treated skin. So, a lot of moisturizer, protect it from the sun every day, protect it from pollutants and clean it every day.

This small but important daily movement allows the use of light and natural make-up, which increases the dots of light on the face, maintains its expressiveness and avoids the hated “mask” effect.

Also proper eyebrow and haircut treatments play a fundamental role: the more hair combed with calmness, the more they will make you look young. We teach you what step by step tricks to look younger and how to make it with simplicity.

1. Illuminant

The secret to showing 10 years less with makeup is to continue with a small touch of light, stealing the tricks of the great photography master, who knows how to improve the actress (even the oldest) on the screen.

The light that touches the face emphasizes dark circles, in the same way as standing under the ceiling light emphasizing the risky area. Better indirect lighting, such as soft restaurant lighting, for example. Yes, but how do you translate into make-up practices? This is just a matter of clearing strategic points with illumination:

– nasogenian groove: which descends from the nose wing to the tip of the lips

– wrinkles between two eyebrows

– corner in the eye

– mobile eyelid basin

– outline of the mouth

2. Password: light

The more you go, the more you need to have a light hand, especially with a foundation. It must be handled carefully and in small quantities.

If you use your fingers, you seem to use the product too much, change your habits: start using a foundation brush that allows you to apply it in small touches, providing transparency and adherence to the face. The technique is always the same: starting from the center of the face to ‘pull’ out of the face (ears), the top (forehead) and the bottom (chin).

The more faces are marked, moreover, the more light is needed and not the thickness, which in practice means: avoid heavy textures. New formulations, which cannot be impregnated, illuminate the skin in an ideal way, maintaining transparency. In short, they make a glowing face – with the result of rejuvenating it, thanks to the touch of light, as done by make-up artists.

3. Foundation: youth ally

There are several tricks for applying a foundation that gives 10 years less. Sfumalo, mixed with a light concealer or with a new liquid lightening product that serves as a rejuvenating light spot on the main points:

– in the outer corner of the eye

– along the groove between the nose wing and the corner of the lips

– around the mouth

Sticky foundation that sticks, if used wisely, hides pigmentation defects: what is important is to cover where needed, giving the impression of naturalness. Really avoid the ‘calcareous’ effect on the eye.

To arouse the skin and stimulate the lymphatic system, there is nothing better than passing ice cubes covered in a towel or cloth bag, never in direct contact with the lips and mucous membranes, to avoid burning them (sunburn risks paradox from cold).

4. Powder: on the end of the blanket

Making powdered powder in a natural way is an art: velvety and with a mat effect, powder glorifies the skin, provided it is applied to the lightness of the cloud. Limited to the middle of the face: You will maintain the ‘living’ epidermis, maintaining expression.

5. For a young and fresh look

Remember these steps:

– Be careful not to let the eyeshadow bite: Small wrinkles of expression into a dust container are much more visible with eyes that are made that are not natural.

– Refreshing eye drops provide a relaxed and fresh look.

– Silk mat and powder from eye shadow make the eyes look brighter thanks to contrast: ergo, avoid glittering eyeshadows.

– The creamy beige enlarges the appearance and weakens the yellow reflection on the cornea (optical illusion).

– Mascara: better brown and gray, because it is less aggressive than black without losing its expressive power

– Eyebrows: with their age they become clearer and less dense, obscure the youthful appearance. Actually, it’s just an optical illusion that can be easily corrected: it redraws the eyebrow line with a special pencil with 2 tones brighter than your hair, stretching towards the temple.

6. Full, but natural lips

Lip volumizing effect is guaranteed thanks to intensive and daily care by a moisturizing conditioner, and special care for lip contour: use this product continuously, to moisturize and soften small wrinkles.

If you like the shiny effect, you can focus on the gloss effect and the mirror filler: refine the appearance of the lips and make them look more natural.

Always use a pencil to determine the contour of the lips: it’s better to choose it and use it carefully to follow the outer contours, to correct imperfections and stop before the corner, to avoid the ’tilt’ effect.

If you like matte textures, buy one with a soft and soft formulation so you will avoid unsightly skin formation. It is highly recommended for lovers of opaque lips, scrubs and scrubs before applying lipstick: they will make lips softer and contours clearer.

7. Hair: cut and styling in the foreground

To prove 10 years less it is better to avoid hair colors that are too dark, large sizes and thick tassels on the front and sides of the face. Pieces must frame the face in the most harmonious way possible, and are judged according to features.

Avoid overly full hairstyles at the top of the head, with excessive beams and waves or curls as proof. Generally: the more hair is smooth and combed calmly, the more they will make you look young. Sophisticated hairstyles: given only on special occasions, and always accompanied by skilled makeup.

For color, it’s better to choose natural chocolate; lighten hair with golden strokes and avoid sharp contrasts with skin tones, both in one verse on the other hand: not for crow’s black hair combined with pale moon, or rather Swedish blonde and wild brown hair. The ideal colors are warm, especially if illuminated by lighter machines and color games because they lighten the face and light up the face.

8. Mani, a neutral victory

Careful hand care is the watchword for having 10 years less proven hands: they must always be hydrated and nourished every night before going to bed, and especially after doing homework even if you wear gloves. During the day use hand cream with sunscreen. For enamel colors, even though the mode shows colored tones and is dark, it is better to use a neutral tone, if the leaves are too abundant. The result of neutral enamel is chic, cared for and – contrary to what you think – rejuvenate!


Helpful Tips for Your Honeymoon

Honeymoon organizations are always more difficult than normal vacations: on this particular journey many emotions and desires are projected, and which often happens is uncertainty and anxiety that is greater than necessary. To help you, I have summarized below some useful tips.

Don’t leave immediately, rest for at least one day

Since the day after your marriage, you may be destroyed I advise you not to correct your departure the day after marriage: it’s better to have time to rest, finish calmly to close the suitcase (which you have to start preparing before the wedding), and don’t have to run to the airport. To start your honeymoon, you must plan your departure at least one day after the wedding, two even better.

Relax at the beginning of the trip

One of the classic solutions proposed by the agency is to place sea weeks and relaxation at the end of the honeymoon, to recover from travel difficulties themselves. But I always suggest reflecting on the possibility of providing a week of relaxation at the beginning of the trip, thus recovering from the mixture of fatigue / stress / emotion produced by marriage and preparation, and facing the rest of the honeymoon. That idea liked by many couples that I proposed, and I myself chose this solution on my honeymoon around the world: I started with cruise, and it turned out to be a very good choice.

Create custom made trips

Considering the importance of this special trip full of hopes and promises, I always recommend arranging specially made trips, which is built on the basis of the desire of both and in accordance with the available budget, and is not satisfied with choosing a trip to the agent catalog. Everyone I talk to always prefers this solution: achieve what you like and save money.

Choose what you like

Often I see couples starting to arrange their honeymoon on the advice of friends and acquaintances, and then taken from many preparation for marriage they forget to ask themselves I suggest that you calmly think about what you want to do during your honeymoon, talk openly with your partner and balancedly combine their desires, without starting in fourth place for Maldives just because your friends have a vacation fantastic (maybe in different periods of the year).

Consider the climate

One of the fundamental checks that must be carried out on the desired honeymoon destination is the climate on the month in which the trip will be carried out: it is highly recommended to go only in places with the ideal climate on the month concerned. It seems clear, but I see that many couples often overlook this fact. On the other hand there are also those who say that with climate change recently it is increasingly difficult to make a good choice: heavy rain has occurred in the months where historically there has always been good weather and long weeks sunshine and perfect climate in a tornado season. . But it’s always better not to risk fate.

The right combination of desire and feasibility

As you can see I am the first to say that it is important to follow their own desires and build The trip is adjusted to find what you like, but at the same time it is important not to start dreaming of something too unreachable, creating hopes that there is no need to overdo them just creating problems. It is therefore important to maintain a balanced mix of desire and feasibility. There are many different aspects: sometimes they are just a practical problem, like dreaming of Polynesia with a 2000 budget of € € each other, next time we want things that are not compatible or mutually exclusive, usually the contrast between not wanting to go too far and find all the corners of the area visited. Desire not to judged, they are not right or wrong, but we must not fall into a mental trap that is trapped in something that is barely maybe.

It must be a pleasant trip, not a “perfect” trip

Taking previous comments, I also added suggestions to go casually without too much emphasis on the idea “everything must be perfect” because this is our honeymoon, a unique and irreparable journey. Easily said to be more difficult to do: I myself am rather too nervous to arrange everything perfectly to offer a perfect trip for my wife. But it’s no use too tense and too demanding: in every trip a small incident occurs and there is always something wrong, the important thing is to focus on things beautiful and enjoy moments with your loved ones.

No need to spend a lot of money

It is said that “it is not money that gives happiness” and for the same trip is true: even with a small amount you can still arrange a beautiful honeymoon, just know how to get the best out of their possibilities. Even with only € 1,000 per person can have a nice honeymoon that will leave good memories for the future. I can offer interesting trips even with a small budget available: contact me and let’s talk about it. That said, it’s also true that money helps and doesn’t suck anyone, so if you can afford it I suggest you not to be too much save on your honeymoon: surely you will never regret having invested a little for a good honeymoon. But I always do be careful to recommend only solutions with the best quality / price ratios and spend your budget well: it’s okay not to be tirchi, but not even to pay unnecessary costs.

Don’t get carried away by a travel agent

Taking the previous points I invite you to be careful with travel agents: in the years of deep crisis in this sector in part large institutions survive primarily with honeymooners, a large source of income from where they try to suppress as much as possible psychological use on “it is a unique journey”. If you decide to contact a travel agent, ask them in-depth questions about the goals you are considering to see if they really know them, and reflect on the fact that the trip offered to you in the catalog is almost always more expensive than specially made trips. I do not like this say that all agents are incompetent or scammers, but check the skills of the person you want to entrust your honeymoon organization.

You will have little time to organize

When it was time for me to arrange my honeymoon, obviously I wasn’t even touched by the idea of ??entrusting the task to other people. Figuramoci! This is my specialty. In fact, I organized a wonderful world tour. But I remember many times two mornings in front of a computer destroyed by a workforce of one hundred other things to prepare marriage (day / church / invitation / list / relatives / details / details / etc.) And forced, however, to continue alone to prepare all travel details: I assure you that at times I will be paid without hesitation 2-300 euros for a professional during that time do it in my place just to go to sleep potermene calm down. Become a currency: if you order all by lots and build a nice trip based on your needs and on the internet it will save only on your wishes, but because you have so many things to organize for your marriage, you will not have time to do everything alone. But with my help you will only calmly evaluate my proposal, if you want you can find more information go about places to visit (which is the fun part), and you will only make reservations by clicking on the link will direct you, without spending hours / days to find out which is the best hotel to order. And my advice is free.

Respect for the work of others

As I just said my advice is free, and all our travel agents prepare you for free quotes dedicate time to your request, and for this reason I invite you not to approfittartene: it’s only true that you evaluate different proposals, we think calmly and then decide for proposals that convince you more, but after you direct for solutions don’t waste time on people who have proposed different solutions. For example: don’t call I am for my advice if you already know that then prenoterai through cousins ??who have travel agents, and do not ask for 50 estimates for institutions if you already know you will do it alone on the internet. Better yet: if you already know that you will order through someone else, report it immediately, so that the other person you are asking for help can additionally evaluate how much time you offer.




A great distance, a long destination, a trip abroad! USA & CARIBBEAN, as in previous years, remains a destination favorite of travelers, still in the first place. Cuba, for example, is a country that everyone wants to see before it is completely changed by American globalization. To feel the travelers, there seems to be little time left to revive the Caribbean atmosphere in the past! Advanced,in recent years, it has certainly skyrocketed, and that is not a miss, the “East” meta: extremes like Thailand, China and Japan and “Middle” as Dubai, it is increasingly combined with timeless Indian Ocean.


Of course! Personality, character, how to approach life, one’s cultural burden automatically influences the choice of goals and ways traveling! Based on their experience and experience, every traveler plans his trip. There are people who prefer to travel organized in detail, very comfortable and calm, mindless and with only one purpose: relax! Then there are people who prefer extreme adventure or adventure, DIY and personalized travel! So the suggestion from Rolling To South is to choose based on your nature and your tendency not to be disappointed. So what are you doing? Have you planned your trip according to your lifestyle? Class train first or brave ascent?


The date of the wedding sets limits on the choice of destination, especially for climate reasons. The period of the year affects the purpose of the young couple who have already married. Think for example that many seaside resorts are located in the southern hemisphere with seasons that are opposite to us. Of course, there is hundreds of destinations to choose from: the world is the “universe” to find! If you are part of the brave category, you won’t see weather conditions: You are a traveler with clear ideas who don’t care about the sun or rain but are happy with each sky and every temperature to visit your destination! Among other things, in recent years climate change has become truly not predictable and planning everything in detail seems very difficult. And what is your traveler? Want everything or just travel with clear cloudy sky?


Rotolando Verso Sud’s advice certainly follows the personal taste or experience that has been experienced! There are people who prefer goals exotic: palms, clear sea and fine white sand. Who needs contact with nature is almost like a caring mother. Who is prefers history, art, culture that resonates in every corner of the city, on every rock, palace and capital city. Who needs “just the sun” lies down on the beach without any interference. Starting from what is expected from the trip is undoubtedly the best way, and our advice suggest, to start planning and then leave. Follow your instincts, your vibrations, your interests!


Trick question! Because it hides one more inside, this: what is a good trip for you? Price is a very subjective variable. It depends on the personality and type of magician. You can make a pleasant trip by staying 7 nights in a 5-star hotel Caribbean island, or make the same fantastic trip by organizing a 15-day flying tour and tour in the United States, spend the same budget. You can take a tour held in Thailand and stay in beach bungalows by the sea or choose one flight to Polynesia. Every trip, if chosen well and in accordance with expectations, is definitely a good trip. Maybe You can choose a cruise with all the comforts, even with € 2000!


Our advice is to avoid the advice of those who travel the same because every trip is always an experience subjective. Always rely on professional, serious and credible industries. Evaluate your experience, market knowledge, ask questions smart to understand who is facing you and if you really can make a difference in the organization, including small details and classic variables that characterize travel. Investigate and choose well!


What is the reason? We will explain it to you soon. The internet is basically an information tool: full of news, picture reviews. But we must pay attention to many, too many details, even technical and industrial unknown to the traveler. For example: who operator arranging trips? Is medical insurance included for the selected purpose? Will it the exchange rate is applied at the time of the purchase change at the time of departure? Are you sure you find this information when choosing a destination your fantastic wedding? Self-regulated travel, among other things, forces you to search for all this valuable information yourself. The agent competent, on the other hand, do it for you! And that is also much more. South Revolving, for example, direct experience in travel, Visit the destination submitted to the customer and return to tourist information, perceptions, tips and useful suggestions about the purpose selected. What is more beautiful for the new bride than going without facing the economic and organizational shock at the last moment? Why damage one of the most beautiful moments of your life? This is why we advise you to choose a serious travel agent and experienced, who also takes care of assistance 24 hours a day.


Have you ever thought about it? What do you like more? We will tell you about Rolling To South, based on our experience! The couples above all ask for calm and perfection! They ask to be satisfied, fulfill their expectations. And it seems right! They ask for offers and discounts, but this is arather ordinary request. The positive thing to know is more and more networks Hotels and cruise lines offer discounts for honeymooners. Pampered andspoiled in no time! Tasks that are ours, at agency!


Of course! And honeymoon is one of them. Do you know why? Because your mood gives it a different and unique meaning. You not alone: ?? next to you there is a special and irreplaceable person! Your honeymoon will remain in your heart for a lifetime! And do not forget that every trip is a unique and unforgettable experience! Every city, every place remains in the minds of those who have live it. People, culture, perfume leave an indelible mark. Are you ready to leave the indelible, in between your memories? Ready to sail?


Rolling south will definitely recommend a distant destination. But this time we are not talking about miles! We talk about style life, culture, food, aroma, taste, taste. New people and new ways of thinking. New world with other times, other rhythms, other traditions. Less traveling, rarely traveling, less frequented. Those whose stories will always be more interesting than other trips and tourists other! Have you thought about your unusual goals?

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