10 Tips to Keep the House Tidy and Make It More Beautiful

Every day in our homes, we fight “war”, which is against chaos. A battle that we can win with a few tricks that will help us make our home much more organized, efficient and interesting, in the eyes of us and our guests.

Here are 10 tips and tricks that will help you have a better home, it is also very useful if you are going to rent or sell a house: in fact, a neat and well-maintained environment, attracts three times more attention than neglected and well-maintained spaces.

1. Organize your home according to your main activities so that everything is always within reach and there is no need to revolutionize the environment or simple lockers every time you find what you need every day.

2. Save correspondence and documents in a special container: there is stock in the market that will help you not have cards and bills that are spread for the house.

3. In children’s rooms always keep a “messy container” where you can put all the toys scattered around the house or room without too much effort and still keep the game within reach of children.

4. In the bathroom try to arrange everything in a drawer or small container so that not too many objects scatter and accumulate dust.

5. Try cleaning the room a day: this rhythm will allow you to have a house that is always clean and tidy, making it an achievable and not scary destination.

6. Take the good habit of checking everything at home and checking whether you can give or give someone something: you will not only free valuable space, but you will also make charity.

7. There is no “tower game”: don’t stack items on top of each other, like newspapers, books, and various objects: besides creating chaos it also creates great confusion.

8. Hide cable TV, PCs, DVDs and various household appliances: there are commercially available cables or cable tubes that are specifically manufactured to create orders for technology.

9. If you haven’t already done so, buy a basket for dirty clothes and finish 30% of the mess at home.

10. For each room in your house, you find a “center” of distraction and check it every day: for example, in the bedroom repeating the bed in the morning will help you have a room that is always neat. In the kitchen later, don’t leave anything in the sink and you will see that the room will soon be neater.


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