Tips for Perfect Day Makeup

Daily makeup, ideal for those who go to university, at work or for lunch with friends, should not be excessive. The best choice? Get beauty to look easy and fast to make, but at the same time effective and improve your face.

From primary to lipstick, through mascara, below we suggest which cosmetics are best used and how to make perfect make-up, or elegant and quiet day makeup, perfect for every occasion.

Practical advice before doing natural make-up: You must clean, polish, and moisturize the skin. They may appear trivial parts, but they are needed both to clean the pores of the skin (and prevent the formation of pimples) and to protect it from the sun during the summer months. And now let’s get to the point: what types of cosmetics should be used to get natural make-up?

Here are some trends to take inspiration

1. Naked make up: This is a natural and radiant make-up that is obtained using bright colors from foundation, concealer and powder, ideal for hiding even minor imperfections of the skin. It is recommended to leave the eye almost natural, just give the shade of the eyelid with skin-colored eyeshadow and a little black or brown mascara on the eyelashes. For lips, however, it is better to use lightweight matte lipstick or simple lip gloss.

2. Neon Lips: this is a day-to-day make-up that aims to remove only the lips using colored lipstick. For naked make up, you must use bright colors from foundation, concealer and powder to light your face, before focusing only on the lips.

3. Makeup with shades of pink: pink is a natural color par excellence. It is recommended to use a soft pink (and not surprisingly) good for blush on and for eyeshadow, to get a truly perfect natural effect. For lips, however, it’s better to choose peach or orange lipstick.

4. Eyeliner: eyeliner is a distinctive feature that enhances all types of eyes and, if combined with nude make up, the results can be surprising. How to? Using eyeliner combined with brightly colored lipstick and eyeshadow.

5. Glowing make up: getting make-up invisible but that makes the skin super bright? The highlight just above the blush on or the irradiating primer used under the foundation can be the winner’s choice. For lips, you can use shiny and colorful lipstick in shades of orange.

6. Pastel cosmetology: pastel-colored cosmetics are perfect both for the day and for the summer, and are a good alternative if you want to make a little color, but without exceeding the feel that is too strong. Pastel colors can be used for eye shadow, combined with lively lipstick to give a touch of color.

The last suggestion, every blush is used, remember that it must always be nuanced if you want to achieve natural effects.

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