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CLEANING GUIDE : How to clean the glass shower doors properly?

bathroom glass door

Holding a pristine bath may be a daunting task and is unlikely to be part of anyone’s “good work” list. But hard water stains can quickly grasp and capture the hard work a designer bathroom is supposed to create at home.

There are a number of obvious things that need to be cleaned on a regular basis, such as the toilet and sink. But what about lightly overlooked items that also need to dry well? We talk about glass shower doors.

Many people seem to believe that a shower cleans it self when it is used, but it could not be further from the truth!

This guide explains why we all need to be vigilant in our glass cleaning and above all how we can guarantee brilliance and dazzling brilliance.

Why do we need to know how to clean the glass shower doors?

It may seem a little simple to explain why glass shower doors need to be kept clean, but as we said. Some people really believe that the showers and speakers that surround them are self-cleaning because the amount of water is consumed every day. However, this is by no means the case, as the following problems accumulate quickly and can cause an unpleasant problem:

  • Water stains. Unattended, water spots can crystallize and form a glass door. This makes them very difficult to remove, especially without causing scratches.
  • Residues of soap and shampoo. It’s easy to think that shampoo and soap will simply rinse in the shower, but since it’s stained, the residue will naturally fly around the glass door. This foam dries pretty quickly and causes terrible stains.
  • The accumulation of molds. Left wet and streaky, excess moisture can easily mold and mold in the shower, making glass doors a real health hazard.

Now we know why you need to clean the glass shower doors, let’s see how.

Take a few professional windscreen washer advice will not go awry in a shower situation as a simple and small squeegee light does the job of removing excess water just before the glass doors and can be done before you jump out of the water and put in a towel.

Start the top of the doors and work, move in large sideways movements and make things easier. Add a hanging strap or a squeegee to hold the inside of the shower itself. Everyone already has a sponge or a polisher, so what difference does a cleaning tool make?

Try a microfibre cloth on the glass shower doors.

If the idea of ​​hooking into a shower tray does not appeal aesthetically, it works in microfiber and for quick degreasing and cleaning and can be quickly dried and removed with other cleaning products. In fact, a microfiber is very effective in removing all soap residue and leaves a shiny shine.

It is better to use a cloth if the glass doors are still wet to avoid streaks, and a quick splash of white vinegar will leave a crystalline finish absolutely unbelievable.

What is the best shower window cleaner?

Investing in a daily spray shower is a great idea that can strive to keep a clean finish, and the sprays themselves do not use elbow grease! Everything that is needed after showering is a quick spray on any glass surface and prevents dripping water droplets. It’s so easy, honestly!

With the steam generated naturally by a shower, a daily spray simply evaporates leaving a perfectly clean finish. It is a great way to cope with a little cleaning every day before starting a more thorough cleaning once a week. Oh, and shower sprays can also be used on tiles to prevent mold.

bathroom glass door

Occasionally take a deep shower door.

While a daily shower spray or a quick-wiper keeps the glass doors clean and hygienic, rails and scaffolding must be cleaned, otherwise mold and fungus in the cracks can grow quickly before they rise to the glass door.

A simple cleaning solution suitable for glass shower doors can be made by mixing soda and water. The larger the pasta, the more effective it is, the easier it is to push corners and edges that are not very annoying. To use noodles, simply rub all the shower surfaces, including glass doors, and then simply rinse them with a mixture of water and white vinegar. It is shocking to see the effectiveness of this solution despite the lack of ammonia and bleach.

Keep the glass shower doors clean in the long term.

Prevention is better than cure, as we all know, and there are ways to make sure that a little cleaning is needed. The glass is so beautiful, but it shows every stain of dirt and water, so it makes sense to keep the risks as low as possible. Some good rules are:

  • Do not use soap. Liquid soaps are usually much easier to clean. Soap bars tend to solidify and adhere to all surfaces, requiring much more washing.
  • Point the shower head away from the doors. The more the water directly touches the shower doors, the more the water stays stiff.
  • Do little and often. If not otherwise, be sure to invest in a daily spray shower. It is the perfect solution for lazy cleaners. [aam]

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wall decor

Modern Wall Decor offers easier ways to beautify your home

Whenever you decorate a room, walls become canvasses for you. Modern wall decor follows simpler designs compared to traditional decorations. Recently, a new trend has started to decorate walls. People are now labeling their walls with vinyl. This modern wall decoration gives you the opportunity to design your unique elements so that the walls look attractive. There are many other creative ideas that can be implemented for wall decoration.

Creative ideas for wall decoration

Bedrooms should always have a quiet atmosphere that can help us to relax. By using wall sconces that can diffuse soft light throughout the room, you can create a peaceful ambience. There are different types of wall sconces that can illuminate your bedroom with a sensual effect.

The kitchen wall is always occupied with shelves. Decorating them with something can make your kitchen overcrowded. Instead of walls you can decorate the empty shelves with eye-catching liqueur glasses and pitchers. There are different types of glasses that look like cups and flutes. They can make decorative elements for your walls and can also be used to serve your guests wine and other spirits.

Drawing rooms are the most important part of your home, as the visitor first enters this room. With a beautifully designed salon you can impress your guests perfectly. Paintings are often used to decorate the walls in this room. Portraits of Ace painters and modern arts are very common accessories.

Mirrors work well in modern wall decor. Traditionally, they were used in large houses and palaces, especially in the hallways. But nowadays they are also used in small apartments. The reflection of a room in the mirrors makes the room appear spacious, even if it is very small. Simple mirrors with simple frames are now popular. Sometimes cast iron frames are also preferred as they have a chic look.

Decorate the walls of a nursery should have the items they like. You can use pictures of cartoon characters for decoration. You can hang posters of football and tennis players if your child is a diehard fan of them.

Watches are an important element in this line of decoration. We always remember the time and so a clock can be placed in any room. The variety of watches on the market is huge. You can get a matching watch for any room you want when visiting a standard store.

A beautifully decorated home is the dream of every man. You only have to spend a few hours surfing through the accessories. There are many online businesses where you can find an accessory of your choice. [WD]

wall decor

Make your luxury house more effective with the right wall decor

In every home or office, the most visible area is … walls. Of course, walls must be given proper consideration and priority while decorating your home. But that’s usually not the case. Almost all interior designers and interior designers place much more importance on other areas than on the wall design. You spend maximum time with accessories, furniture, carpets, etc.

All these things are important. The same or more important is … wall decor. Let’s do an exercise. It’s fun, but it will show you how important your wall decoration is in a luxury home!

Stop what you are doing, get up and leave the room where you are. Stand at the entrance of the room. Close your eyes for a minute. Then open your eyes. While standing, watch what you see in the first 60 seconds. In general, what you will notice is Walls & Wall Decor – when there is no person in the room. But even if someone is in the room, you will still be watching the wall decoration.

What impression do your walls have on your visitors? It is an important question to answer.

If your wall decoration is not good, then your home will look simple and boring. It will not have the effect you want. Therefore, the decoration of the right wall is an integral part of home decoration. I will give you some ideas to transform your home.

7 things you can use for wall decor –

1 frame
2 room dividers
3 wall art
4 wall fonts
5 candle holders
6 shadow boxes
7 railings

All this you can use to achieve the desired effect.

Another important thing is different decor for different walls including color, texture etc. You can do that differently for each wall. You just have to make sure that they are synchronized. Means that it should synchronize with everyone afterwards. Here professional interior designer can help you.

One last thing – you should have an idea where to find these different articles and articles. On our website we have a resource page. Visit this page and you may find reliable providers for it.

So these are just a few ideas to have great walls and make a big impact.

Have a great home …

Vikas Bhujbal – Interior Designer & Decorator from Mumbai

Vikas owns Idea Inc., a Mumbai-based design company. For many years he has been helping his clients to live in their dream home. He does this through personalized creative ideas. His specialty is environmental architecture or green architecture.

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Luxury Home Design

luxury home designThere are tons of luxury home design in which you are entirely free to mix and match, and also boost your thoughts. One overlooked layout which works nicely is full-size doors on the front region of the cupboard. The exceptional design of this apartment generates the refuge feeling that is essential in almost any home as well as new frontiers so much as the architectural layouts and orientations included. Not only needs one to select the perfect design for the wall, but you must pick the most acceptable place for the accent, or the entire appearance could be away.

You will share your design ideas with family and friends, and you might also employ your strategy to gauge the amount and price of creating materials for jobs you may want to do yourself. There are lots of design ideas from the article luxury house pics that you may find; you will discover ideas from the gallery. You’ve got to get a fantastic idea of the type of home you need, location, and pricing so that the financing advice could process.

A commendable builder will have the ability to assist you to finalize each detail. Before you pick your builder, you need to have a precise idea of whether it’s possible to manage to build a house on your favorite area and how involved you want to maintain your house construction clinic. Choosing the wrong home builders can indicate your job is over budget and postponed, but it might also suggest that you do not receive the distinctive touches that you are looking.

Luxury homes not just judged by their own cost. When you are looking for luxury houses, the status of this builder is vital. If you are considering luxury houses and are considering the proper home builders to your property, there are tons of things you need to find. You do not necessarily need to build your home in the style that is prominent in your area. Craftsman houses observed throughout the country. You eventually closed in your new residence. Finding the suitable architect to design a perfect home may be an expensive affair.

While the very first step may be contemplating what type of home you’ll need and where obtaining a funding figure in mind throughout the period that you are planning ensures that your house becomes a fact. It is not applicable to everyone the homes, so it’s a good idea to observe the house beforehand and confirm the crucial details as a means to obtain a home in the appropriate state.

In the event the residence is a two-story, it was likely balloon framed. Therefore, the wall studs operate all the way in the bottom of their very first floor to the summit of the next level, without even stopping between floors. Request to be sure your property will orientate the ideal way. As an example, a rustic, log home will be the very initial choice of somebody who’s always admired that kind of structure. Port Washington houses are regarded as a thorough package as it preserves a balance between standard attribute and fashionable look. [YAW]