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Banh Flan Recipe 2

Banh Flan Recipe as Sweet and Delicate Dessert for Anytime

If you want something sweet as dessert, Banh Flan Recipe is the right choice. It is traditional recipe from Vietnam, but you can make it at home. In general, Banh Flan is custard with caramel as the source of sweetness, says. Other modifications replace caramel with syrup, chocolate, even coffee. The ingredients are easy to find and very cheap because you only use simple ingredients in kitchen. Moreover, the baking instruction is not complex, but it takes more time to make sure this recipe is ready to serve.


  • 1 cup of sugar
  • Vanilla extract, ½ teaspoon
  • 5 eggs
  • 2% reduced fat milk, 3 or 4 cups


Serving Instructions:

  1. Separate sugar into two parts, ¾cup for caramel and ¼ cup for custard.
  2. For caramel, heat sugar at small saucepan.
  3. Keep heat at medium temperature.
  4. Dissolve sugar and wait until the color is golden brown.
  5. Pour into cup and put it aside.
  6. For custard, use bowl and the beat egg.
  7. Whisk it until all parts are dissolved.
  8. Prepare saucepan then put the rest of sugar, fat milk, and vanilla. Mix them.
  9. Add egg into sugar mixture then whisk again until blended well.
  10. Pour into cup and add warm water at the top then bake inside oven.
  11. After that, separate from cup and wait until it turns cold.
  12. Pour caramel at the below and top of custard to serve as Banh Flan Recipe.

This recipe is easy flan recipe with milk to enjoy anytime. You can prepare custard then keep it at refrigerator to eat next time. Today, low calorie sugar is available for people with sugar issue. It is good replacement at all.

As it mentioned above, Banh Flan caramel flan can be customized. The caramel may use chocolate or fruit syrup to give different taste. Besides, you can change vanilla extract to suit its caramel taste. Therefore, Banh Flan Recipe seems irresistible to taste. RFA

Start the juice business with Wagon

Start the juice business with Wagon – Before starting a fresh juice business, make sure the planning is ready. Since the beginning of the capital, place, accounting and marketing strategy. Strategic places are important. But not necessarily because the Internet is aging as today has provided information to consumers. You can know our business information when we often share it with the media.

Start the juice business with Wagon

For those of you who want to start your fresh juice business using wagon cars like it is store, it’s very easy. Now buy this unique basket is not difficult because information on the internet is scattered. You must find a suitable price with your budget. The price of these cars is, on average, affordable.

We are a car manufacturer that accepts reservations for the manufacture of several cars, including wagon. We often receive special orders for several companies. Although the initial design was a basket for wagon but we changed a bit considering the consumer demand.

For example, they want to do street stalls for the commonly known street cafe or cafe. Thus, the concept of this consumer wants to include a coffee grinder in the field of cars. If the use of such a design is usually, of course, difficult. We had to unpack the top drawer and one of the front poles for the coffee maker to enter. Without ruining the unique design of the wagon, the magazine finally succeeded. And Alhamdulillah our customers are satisfied. Press tool that can be placed in the basket.

I think the concept is the same for the fresh fruit juice sector. If necessary, there is a change, we will change it to meet the needs of consumers. If consumers do not want to change by design in general, we will change it automatically.

After ordering your basket, you will have to think about the place. This is often a limitation for citizens of the city because of the difficulties in finding a place to do business. A strategic place to be a dream and it will cause you a headache if there is not a suitable place to sell.

Especially if the business concept you want is a bit stylish. Usually, they hurry to places like kiosks. Of course, it will be a burden for the finances. We recommend focusing solely on business development. About where you need to find a place to save, you do not need a great affordable. Make your business concept unique with our homemade car.

Making a fresh juice using a wagon is actually a rare innovation offer by a juice seller anywhere. You must know this a little better than a little cheap and a little quality. Our idea is not only different but also unique. Bring innovative companies with fresh juices.

So simple is not starting a juice business? I hope this article can help your business fresh juice.

Successful greeting ….


Wagon for fresh fruit juice Business

Wagon for fresh fruit juice Business – The activity of fresh fruit juice is promising. Especially in the big cities where it is very hot and many people want a menu of fresh dishes as your body needs. Not only fresh, but this drink is very healthy and the price is very affordable. Of course, a lot of people are going to find fresh juice sellers.

Wagon for fresh fruit juice Business

Only information that consumes juicing every day can help health and fitness. It also helps to balance our body. Many people in big cities do not pay attention to their balance. They forget or do not have the time to consume juice regularly. Therefore, they prefer to buy juice. Simpler

In the cities and in any place, there are rarely people selling juice with wagon. No more boots. On the sidewalk, at the market, supermarkets, squares, schools that sell almost equal styles.

Using Wagon for Business Juice

By using Wagon for fresh fruit juice business, not many people know it. The use of these cars for these companies is becoming an important innovation. Unfortunately, according to some people, it is not good, less attractive and it does not work. Views like this have been exaggerated and taken for granted by the public, so the potential of this car itself will not be excavated.

We give an opinion on this subject because it wants to give the public an overview of its potential. We can say that this point of view is, of course, a big mistake. Wagon are types of multifunctional wagon. You can prepare snacks or make a roadside cafeteria. But then, it can also be done to sell fresh fruit juice. It is not a different design?

Here are some of the needs of fresh juice carts:

[1] Carts can be made to sell juice while they are eligible for their sales needs. The need for a juice seller is to show the products that in this case is the fruit. He has become a typical seller of fruit juice everywhere. The function of showing the fruit is to indicate that it sells juice. Show multiple fruits on the screen to engage consumers in buying your products. Then a wagon should be able to satisfy the needs of the seller.

[2] In addition to other viewing needs, it can accommodate the mixing machine. Well, usually if the sale of a seller’s medium-sized juice has a 4-5 mixing machine that is placed in the trolleys area. The material trolleys must necessarily be strong to support the weight of the mixing machine. Is the wooden trolley strong enough to accommodate 5 mixing machines?

[3] The next need is where to place equipment such as plastic, sugar, glass and money. This is important because making a fresh juice business is impossible without this equipment. Usually, he provided a special shelf that facilitates the buyer. Wagon must be designed to place juice equipment.

[4] Energy flow. What about the trade of fresh juice without electricity? It’s just a lie. A fresh juice business is a type of business dependent on electricity. For example, if there is a failure today, it could be restricted. Well, fresh juice carts should be designed to be fed. On the other hand, if the sale of fresh juice is also done until the night, it would be necessary to be able to turn on the electricity.

Wagon can basically be manufactured for any sale. Includes the sale of fresh juice. Basically, the wagon design is the type of car that can be shaped as needed. For example, if you want to make a glass drawer to store the equipment or display the fruit, it’s very easy.

In the upper part of the cart is done intentionally to store equipment such as plastic, glass and others. The place is very wide. For fruit viewing, a 50 cm glass drawer can be made. If the length of the car is 2 meters, there is 1 meter left to use as a mixer. Very wide right?

At the back there are still two large cabinets. It can be done to hit all equipment when the store is closed. Thus, fresh juice sellers do not need to take merchandise home. This car can already be a safe place for storage. It is also easy to move because it has wheels.

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What to Do About Medical Center

What to Do About Medical Center

Medical Center presents tremendous choices in regards to medical services that may save your life and supply a greater quality of life after medical procedures. A health center often specializes in a specific area while hospitals are general and are specialized for the majority of emergencies. Ugent care medical centers are typically open after-hours, and provide the very same services as a family members or primary healthcare provider.

The hospital gives excellent medical service in a variety of branches of medicine including dental care, and it has continued to be the favourite selection of expatriates and tourists for at least 10 decades. Hospitals can decrease the probability of infection after surgery by ensuring they provide care that’s known to receive the best results for most patients. The patient-centered hospital stipulates some well-known physicians and superior medical care services in all important regions of medicine for an inexpensive price.

The hospital provides a range of specialties in the health care sector. Situated in downtown Baltimore, it has a long history as one of the nation’s top teaching hospitals. Both the hospitals have a massive group of doctors and support staff that makes them ready to manage all kinds of health emergencies and routine procedures and care. A The multidisciplinary hospital is dedicated to supplying modern and advanced services to children. (HZ)