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Which Is Rattan Garden Sofa Right For Your Garden?

When you are searching for a new garden sofa, you will probably end up choosing the sofa that has the most stylish design, or is the most comfortable, and you may not even consider the type of material that the sofa is made from. Garden sofas are made from different types of rattan materials, and choosing the wrong one may end up being a very costly mistake, so it’s important to know which rattan garden sofa is right for your garden before you make your purchase.

Natural Rattan Sofas

Natural rattan is instantly recognizable as the distinctive wooden material used in classic wicker garden sofas and garden furniture suites. Natural rattan is incredibly durable and hard-wearing; it is surprisingly resistant to extreme temperatures, which makes it the ideal material for the construction of items of occasional furniture such as garden sofas. For all its durability, however, natural rattan is simply not hard-wearing enough to withstand the changeable weather conditions that we often receive in the UK. Even the most expensive natural rattan garden sofa is likely only to be coated with a light PU spray, which will only last during milder conditions. Garden sofas made from natural rattan are in fact not suited to regular use in gardens at all and are better saved for use in indoor living spaces such as conservatories or reception rooms.

Natural and Synthetic Rattan Sofas

The type of rattan used in limited exposure rattan sofas is still a natural rattan, only one that has been reinforced with a mixture of synthetic materials such as resin or polyurethane. This type of reinforced rattan material is much more hard-wearing than natural rattan, as it is often coated with a heavier polyurethane stain or spray to ensure that it lasts during general weather conditions. Even though this mixture of natural and synthetic materials means that the garden sofas constructed from it will be able to withstand some mild weather conditions, due to its natural element these sofas are not guaranteed to last for long when used outside. Instead, a garden sofa with a mixture of natural and synthetic rattan materials should ideally only be used in covered or canopied areas to protect them from harsher conditions.

PU Synthetic Rattan Sofas

For a garden sofa that you can use outdoors all-year-round, you should choose a garden sofa made from PU synthetic rattan. PU synthetic rattan is similar in its construction to the mixed rattan described above, only with a much higher concentration of raw synthetic materials such as PU, PVC or vinyl. This means that PU synthetic rattan is considerably stronger than other types of rattan, and it is both wear and weather resistant. PU synthetic rattan sofas, also known as all-weather rattan sofas, remain resilient in the most extreme weather conditions, even freezing temperatures. They can be kept outside in your garden all year, and since they require no maintenance they are incredibly easy items of garden furniture to own and use.

Bookshelf For Your Books At Home

Because sometimes, reading’s energy also requires a creative stimulant, one of which is a bookshelf.

For book lovers, having a bookshelf with a unique and creative design is a pride and a special gift. Just like me, I also love reading books. Although this is the digital age, where e-books roam unstoppably, reading by physically touching the book, has its own sensation of experience.

The shape of the book, the graphics, the prints, even the smell of paper! All provide an experience for the readers of the book.
Here I present the inspiration shelf with creative designs such as what will be able to arouse the taste of reading, according to your personality. I wish it will help you with how to build your bookshelves

Just choose, there are modern, classic and vintage, even to a special shape like animals, including on the wall bookshelf and so forth, I summarize from some famous sources such as Buzzfeed, Lifehack, Flavorwire, and also IncredibleThings.

Happy taking inspiration from the 50 creative designs of bookshelves that will make your reading energy back again! (SO)