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5 Tips to Make Your Home Look Neat

Five simple and effective strategies to help even the most chaotic to have a neat home … at least at first glance! You have less time and you are not ready to order, but do you still like a neat house? Follow these 5 tips to reach the goal, cheat only a little.

This is a universally known truth that not all are born with regular genes. In fact, those who are irregular often use alibi genius to justify the chaos around, inevitably.

On the other side of the barricade are friends and relatives who like orders and are easy to reach and defend, so if chronic chaos asks neat native advice on how to eradicate chaos, you will hear only answering “save more in order”. As if it’s easy! The reality is, with our five tips that are also a little ‘tricks. If you follow them, you can always have a house that looks neater than it really is!

1. Often dedicated to decluttering

First of all, even before learning a complicated system to hide everything you can’t manage … make sure you have less and less to be disciplined.

And if you can’t live without chaos, the only solution is to try to regularly eliminate everything you don’t use, so you avoid contributing to the rest of the disorder.

Once a week, turn it with a garbage bag and collect everything that needs to be removed, or you can donate or sell. Make sure you always have two boxes in a cupboard or cupboard, one dedicated to what you want to contribute, and the other to what you want to sell. When you fill it, immediately go to the collection or market center.

2. Through all cables!

If there are elements that you can reset once and tend to remain so, it is an electrical cable from household appliances and a point of light. So take a little time to learn the solution to lose it or hide it, even just making a channel that you do yourself with adhesive tape under the carpet and behind the furniture. Don’t imagine how small this effort will change the entire landscape of your home.

3. Doors and boxes are your best friends

If you don’t have a regular nature, design your home in mind, avoid open furniture, open shelves and cabinets, and focus on cabinets with doors.

Your guests will never know if there is a pile of objects stored behind the doors, and you will also have less surface to clean the dust.

The same system can also be applied to knick-knacks and small items that you don’t always want to keep locked in the closet. Get beautiful layered boxes and use to store individual items before you have guests.

4. Invest in several trays

For everything that you don’t want or don’t make sense to put in boxes and cabinets, or that you still have to remain visible even during a visit, invest in some beautiful trays to be seen and placed in strategic areas of the house.

Coffee table in the living room, kitchen table, sink rack in the bathroom, bedside table, all surfaces that attract “objects”. If you collect these “things” in similar groups and place them on a tray, their presence will immediately appear intentional, like a small tableau.

5. Finally let the light enter

Maybe you think that the shadow is more suitable to cover the disturbance, in reality its complicated presence makes each room appear smaller and crowded. On the contrary, a lot of light (if possible naturally) immediately gives a sense of airtight and wide space, making the disorder seem to be downsized.

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10 Tips to Keep the House Tidy and Make It More Beautiful

Every day in our homes, we fight “war”, which is against chaos. A battle that we can win with a few tricks that will help us make our home much more organized, efficient and interesting, in the eyes of us and our guests.

Here are 10 tips and tricks that will help you have a better home, it is also very useful if you are going to rent or sell a house: in fact, a neat and well-maintained environment, attracts three times more attention than neglected and well-maintained spaces.

1. Organize your home according to your main activities so that everything is always within reach and there is no need to revolutionize the environment or simple lockers every time you find what you need every day.

2. Save correspondence and documents in a special container: there is stock in the market that will help you not have cards and bills that are spread for the house.

3. In children’s rooms always keep a “messy container” where you can put all the toys scattered around the house or room without too much effort and still keep the game within reach of children.

4. In the bathroom try to arrange everything in a drawer or small container so that not too many objects scatter and accumulate dust.

5. Try cleaning the room a day: this rhythm will allow you to have a house that is always clean and tidy, making it an achievable and not scary destination.

6. Take the good habit of checking everything at home and checking whether you can give or give someone something: you will not only free valuable space, but you will also make charity.

7. There is no “tower game”: don’t stack items on top of each other, like newspapers, books, and various objects: besides creating chaos it also creates great confusion.

8. Hide cable TV, PCs, DVDs and various household appliances: there are commercially available cables or cable tubes that are specifically manufactured to create orders for technology.

9. If you haven’t already done so, buy a basket for dirty clothes and finish 30% of the mess at home.

10. For each room in your house, you find a “center” of distraction and check it every day: for example, in the bedroom repeating the bed in the morning will help you have a room that is always neat. In the kitchen later, don’t leave anything in the sink and you will see that the room will soon be neater.