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Tips for Perfect Day Makeup

Daily makeup, ideal for those who go to university, at work or for lunch with friends, should not be excessive. The best choice? Get beauty to look easy and fast to make, but at the same time effective and improve your face.

From primary to lipstick, through mascara, below we suggest which cosmetics are best used and how to make perfect make-up, or elegant and quiet day makeup, perfect for every occasion.

Practical advice before doing natural make-up: You must clean, polish, and moisturize the skin. They may appear trivial parts, but they are needed both to clean the pores of the skin (and prevent the formation of pimples) and to protect it from the sun during the summer months. And now let’s get to the point: what types of cosmetics should be used to get natural make-up?

Here are some trends to take inspiration

1. Naked make up: This is a natural and radiant make-up that is obtained using bright colors from foundation, concealer and powder, ideal for hiding even minor imperfections of the skin. It is recommended to leave the eye almost natural, just give the shade of the eyelid with skin-colored eyeshadow and a little black or brown mascara on the eyelashes. For lips, however, it is better to use lightweight matte lipstick or simple lip gloss.

2. Neon Lips: this is a day-to-day make-up that aims to remove only the lips using colored lipstick. For naked make up, you must use bright colors from foundation, concealer and powder to light your face, before focusing only on the lips.

3. Makeup with shades of pink: pink is a natural color par excellence. It is recommended to use a soft pink (and not surprisingly) good for blush on and for eyeshadow, to get a truly perfect natural effect. For lips, however, it’s better to choose peach or orange lipstick.

4. Eyeliner: eyeliner is a distinctive feature that enhances all types of eyes and, if combined with nude make up, the results can be surprising. How to? Using eyeliner combined with brightly colored lipstick and eyeshadow.

5. Glowing make up: getting make-up invisible but that makes the skin super bright? The highlight just above the blush on or the irradiating primer used under the foundation can be the winner’s choice. For lips, you can use shiny and colorful lipstick in shades of orange.

6. Pastel cosmetology: pastel-colored cosmetics are perfect both for the day and for the summer, and are a good alternative if you want to make a little color, but without exceeding the feel that is too strong. Pastel colors can be used for eye shadow, combined with lively lipstick to give a touch of color.

The last suggestion, every blush is used, remember that it must always be nuanced if you want to achieve natural effects.

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8 Makeup Tips to Look Younger

Who has never dreamed of getting a younger look? You don’t need to use botox and filler. This is enough to play experts with make-up, steal the secrets of photographers and make-up artists, even if the best results are obtained on the treated skin. So, a lot of moisturizer, protect it from the sun every day, protect it from pollutants and clean it every day.

This small but important daily movement allows the use of light and natural make-up, which increases the dots of light on the face, maintains its expressiveness and avoids the hated “mask” effect.

Also proper eyebrow and haircut treatments play a fundamental role: the more hair combed with calmness, the more they will make you look young. We teach you what step by step tricks to look younger and how to make it with simplicity.

1. Illuminant

The secret to showing 10 years less with makeup is to continue with a small touch of light, stealing the tricks of the great photography master, who knows how to improve the actress (even the oldest) on the screen.

The light that touches the face emphasizes dark circles, in the same way as standing under the ceiling light emphasizing the risky area. Better indirect lighting, such as soft restaurant lighting, for example. Yes, but how do you translate into make-up practices? This is just a matter of clearing strategic points with illumination:

– nasogenian groove: which descends from the nose wing to the tip of the lips

– wrinkles between two eyebrows

– corner in the eye

– mobile eyelid basin

– outline of the mouth

2. Password: light

The more you go, the more you need to have a light hand, especially with a foundation. It must be handled carefully and in small quantities.

If you use your fingers, you seem to use the product too much, change your habits: start using a foundation brush that allows you to apply it in small touches, providing transparency and adherence to the face. The technique is always the same: starting from the center of the face to ‘pull’ out of the face (ears), the top (forehead) and the bottom (chin).

The more faces are marked, moreover, the more light is needed and not the thickness, which in practice means: avoid heavy textures. New formulations, which cannot be impregnated, illuminate the skin in an ideal way, maintaining transparency. In short, they make a glowing face – with the result of rejuvenating it, thanks to the touch of light, as done by make-up artists.

3. Foundation: youth ally

There are several tricks for applying a foundation that gives 10 years less. Sfumalo, mixed with a light concealer or with a new liquid lightening product that serves as a rejuvenating light spot on the main points:

– in the outer corner of the eye

– along the groove between the nose wing and the corner of the lips

– around the mouth

Sticky foundation that sticks, if used wisely, hides pigmentation defects: what is important is to cover where needed, giving the impression of naturalness. Really avoid the ‘calcareous’ effect on the eye.

To arouse the skin and stimulate the lymphatic system, there is nothing better than passing ice cubes covered in a towel or cloth bag, never in direct contact with the lips and mucous membranes, to avoid burning them (sunburn risks paradox from cold).

4. Powder: on the end of the blanket

Making powdered powder in a natural way is an art: velvety and with a mat effect, powder glorifies the skin, provided it is applied to the lightness of the cloud. Limited to the middle of the face: You will maintain the ‘living’ epidermis, maintaining expression.

5. For a young and fresh look

Remember these steps:

– Be careful not to let the eyeshadow bite: Small wrinkles of expression into a dust container are much more visible with eyes that are made that are not natural.

– Refreshing eye drops provide a relaxed and fresh look.

– Silk mat and powder from eye shadow make the eyes look brighter thanks to contrast: ergo, avoid glittering eyeshadows.

– The creamy beige enlarges the appearance and weakens the yellow reflection on the cornea (optical illusion).

– Mascara: better brown and gray, because it is less aggressive than black without losing its expressive power

– Eyebrows: with their age they become clearer and less dense, obscure the youthful appearance. Actually, it’s just an optical illusion that can be easily corrected: it redraws the eyebrow line with a special pencil with 2 tones brighter than your hair, stretching towards the temple.

6. Full, but natural lips

Lip volumizing effect is guaranteed thanks to intensive and daily care by a moisturizing conditioner, and special care for lip contour: use this product continuously, to moisturize and soften small wrinkles.

If you like the shiny effect, you can focus on the gloss effect and the mirror filler: refine the appearance of the lips and make them look more natural.

Always use a pencil to determine the contour of the lips: it’s better to choose it and use it carefully to follow the outer contours, to correct imperfections and stop before the corner, to avoid the ’tilt’ effect.

If you like matte textures, buy one with a soft and soft formulation so you will avoid unsightly skin formation. It is highly recommended for lovers of opaque lips, scrubs and scrubs before applying lipstick: they will make lips softer and contours clearer.

7. Hair: cut and styling in the foreground

To prove 10 years less it is better to avoid hair colors that are too dark, large sizes and thick tassels on the front and sides of the face. Pieces must frame the face in the most harmonious way possible, and are judged according to features.

Avoid overly full hairstyles at the top of the head, with excessive beams and waves or curls as proof. Generally: the more hair is smooth and combed calmly, the more they will make you look young. Sophisticated hairstyles: given only on special occasions, and always accompanied by skilled makeup.

For color, it’s better to choose natural chocolate; lighten hair with golden strokes and avoid sharp contrasts with skin tones, both in one verse on the other hand: not for crow’s black hair combined with pale moon, or rather Swedish blonde and wild brown hair. The ideal colors are warm, especially if illuminated by lighter machines and color games because they lighten the face and light up the face.

8. Mani, a neutral victory

Careful hand care is the watchword for having 10 years less proven hands: they must always be hydrated and nourished every night before going to bed, and especially after doing homework even if you wear gloves. During the day use hand cream with sunscreen. For enamel colors, even though the mode shows colored tones and is dark, it is better to use a neutral tone, if the leaves are too abundant. The result of neutral enamel is chic, cared for and – contrary to what you think – rejuvenate!