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Tips for Perfect Day Makeup

Daily makeup, ideal for those who go to university, at work or for lunch with friends, should not be excessive. The best choice? Get beauty to look easy and fast to make, but at the same time effective and improve your face.

From primary to lipstick, through mascara, below we suggest which cosmetics are best used and how to make perfect make-up, or elegant and quiet day makeup, perfect for every occasion.

Practical advice before doing natural make-up: You must clean, polish, and moisturize the skin. They may appear trivial parts, but they are needed both to clean the pores of the skin (and prevent the formation of pimples) and to protect it from the sun during the summer months. And now let’s get to the point: what types of cosmetics should be used to get natural make-up?

Here are some trends to take inspiration

1. Naked make up: This is a natural and radiant make-up that is obtained using bright colors from foundation, concealer and powder, ideal for hiding even minor imperfections of the skin. It is recommended to leave the eye almost natural, just give the shade of the eyelid with skin-colored eyeshadow and a little black or brown mascara on the eyelashes. For lips, however, it is better to use lightweight matte lipstick or simple lip gloss.

2. Neon Lips: this is a day-to-day make-up that aims to remove only the lips using colored lipstick. For naked make up, you must use bright colors from foundation, concealer and powder to light your face, before focusing only on the lips.

3. Makeup with shades of pink: pink is a natural color par excellence. It is recommended to use a soft pink (and not surprisingly) good for blush on and for eyeshadow, to get a truly perfect natural effect. For lips, however, it’s better to choose peach or orange lipstick.

4. Eyeliner: eyeliner is a distinctive feature that enhances all types of eyes and, if combined with nude make up, the results can be surprising. How to? Using eyeliner combined with brightly colored lipstick and eyeshadow.

5. Glowing make up: getting make-up invisible but that makes the skin super bright? The highlight just above the blush on or the irradiating primer used under the foundation can be the winner’s choice. For lips, you can use shiny and colorful lipstick in shades of orange.

6. Pastel cosmetology: pastel-colored cosmetics are perfect both for the day and for the summer, and are a good alternative if you want to make a little color, but without exceeding the feel that is too strong. Pastel colors can be used for eye shadow, combined with lively lipstick to give a touch of color.

The last suggestion, every blush is used, remember that it must always be nuanced if you want to achieve natural effects.

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A great distance, a long destination, a trip abroad! USA & CARIBBEAN, as in previous years, remains a destination favorite of travelers, still in the first place. Cuba, for example, is a country that everyone wants to see before it is completely changed by American globalization. To feel the travelers, there seems to be little time left to revive the Caribbean atmosphere in the past! Advanced,in recent years, it has certainly skyrocketed, and that is not a miss, the “East” meta: extremes like Thailand, China and Japan and “Middle” as Dubai, it is increasingly combined with timeless Indian Ocean.


Of course! Personality, character, how to approach life, one’s cultural burden automatically influences the choice of goals and ways traveling! Based on their experience and experience, every traveler plans his trip. There are people who prefer to travel organized in detail, very comfortable and calm, mindless and with only one purpose: relax! Then there are people who prefer extreme adventure or adventure, DIY and personalized travel! So the suggestion from Rolling To South is to choose based on your nature and your tendency not to be disappointed. So what are you doing? Have you planned your trip according to your lifestyle? Class train first or brave ascent?


The date of the wedding sets limits on the choice of destination, especially for climate reasons. The period of the year affects the purpose of the young couple who have already married. Think for example that many seaside resorts are located in the southern hemisphere with seasons that are opposite to us. Of course, there is hundreds of destinations to choose from: the world is the “universe” to find! If you are part of the brave category, you won’t see weather conditions: You are a traveler with clear ideas who don’t care about the sun or rain but are happy with each sky and every temperature to visit your destination! Among other things, in recent years climate change has become truly not predictable and planning everything in detail seems very difficult. And what is your traveler? Want everything or just travel with clear cloudy sky?


Rotolando Verso Sud’s advice certainly follows the personal taste or experience that has been experienced! There are people who prefer goals exotic: palms, clear sea and fine white sand. Who needs contact with nature is almost like a caring mother. Who is prefers history, art, culture that resonates in every corner of the city, on every rock, palace and capital city. Who needs “just the sun” lies down on the beach without any interference. Starting from what is expected from the trip is undoubtedly the best way, and our advice suggest, to start planning and then leave. Follow your instincts, your vibrations, your interests!


Trick question! Because it hides one more inside, this: what is a good trip for you? Price is a very subjective variable. It depends on the personality and type of magician. You can make a pleasant trip by staying 7 nights in a 5-star hotel Caribbean island, or make the same fantastic trip by organizing a 15-day flying tour and tour in the United States, spend the same budget. You can take a tour held in Thailand and stay in beach bungalows by the sea or choose one flight to Polynesia. Every trip, if chosen well and in accordance with expectations, is definitely a good trip. Maybe You can choose a cruise with all the comforts, even with € 2000!


Our advice is to avoid the advice of those who travel the same because every trip is always an experience subjective. Always rely on professional, serious and credible industries. Evaluate your experience, market knowledge, ask questions smart to understand who is facing you and if you really can make a difference in the organization, including small details and classic variables that characterize travel. Investigate and choose well!


What is the reason? We will explain it to you soon. The internet is basically an information tool: full of news, picture reviews. But we must pay attention to many, too many details, even technical and industrial unknown to the traveler. For example: who operator arranging trips? Is medical insurance included for the selected purpose? Will it the exchange rate is applied at the time of the purchase change at the time of departure? Are you sure you find this information when choosing a destination your fantastic wedding? Self-regulated travel, among other things, forces you to search for all this valuable information yourself. The agent competent, on the other hand, do it for you! And that is also much more. South Revolving, for example, direct experience in travel, Visit the destination submitted to the customer and return to tourist information, perceptions, tips and useful suggestions about the purpose selected. What is more beautiful for the new bride than going without facing the economic and organizational shock at the last moment? Why damage one of the most beautiful moments of your life? This is why we advise you to choose a serious travel agent and experienced, who also takes care of assistance 24 hours a day.


Have you ever thought about it? What do you like more? We will tell you about Rolling To South, based on our experience! The couples above all ask for calm and perfection! They ask to be satisfied, fulfill their expectations. And it seems right! They ask for offers and discounts, but this is arather ordinary request. The positive thing to know is more and more networks Hotels and cruise lines offer discounts for honeymooners. Pampered andspoiled in no time! Tasks that are ours, at agency!


Of course! And honeymoon is one of them. Do you know why? Because your mood gives it a different and unique meaning. You not alone: ?? next to you there is a special and irreplaceable person! Your honeymoon will remain in your heart for a lifetime! And do not forget that every trip is a unique and unforgettable experience! Every city, every place remains in the minds of those who have live it. People, culture, perfume leave an indelible mark. Are you ready to leave the indelible, in between your memories? Ready to sail?


Rolling south will definitely recommend a distant destination. But this time we are not talking about miles! We talk about style life, culture, food, aroma, taste, taste. New people and new ways of thinking. New world with other times, other rhythms, other traditions. Less traveling, rarely traveling, less frequented. Those whose stories will always be more interesting than other trips and tourists other! Have you thought about your unusual goals?

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5 Tips to Make Your Home Look Neat

Five simple and effective strategies to help even the most chaotic to have a neat home … at least at first glance! You have less time and you are not ready to order, but do you still like a neat house? Follow these 5 tips to reach the goal, cheat only a little.

This is a universally known truth that not all are born with regular genes. In fact, those who are irregular often use alibi genius to justify the chaos around, inevitably.

On the other side of the barricade are friends and relatives who like orders and are easy to reach and defend, so if chronic chaos asks neat native advice on how to eradicate chaos, you will hear only answering “save more in order”. As if it’s easy! The reality is, with our five tips that are also a little ‘tricks. If you follow them, you can always have a house that looks neater than it really is!

1. Often dedicated to decluttering

First of all, even before learning a complicated system to hide everything you can’t manage … make sure you have less and less to be disciplined.

And if you can’t live without chaos, the only solution is to try to regularly eliminate everything you don’t use, so you avoid contributing to the rest of the disorder.

Once a week, turn it with a garbage bag and collect everything that needs to be removed, or you can donate or sell. Make sure you always have two boxes in a cupboard or cupboard, one dedicated to what you want to contribute, and the other to what you want to sell. When you fill it, immediately go to the collection or market center.

2. Through all cables!

If there are elements that you can reset once and tend to remain so, it is an electrical cable from household appliances and a point of light. So take a little time to learn the solution to lose it or hide it, even just making a channel that you do yourself with adhesive tape under the carpet and behind the furniture. Don’t imagine how small this effort will change the entire landscape of your home.

3. Doors and boxes are your best friends

If you don’t have a regular nature, design your home in mind, avoid open furniture, open shelves and cabinets, and focus on cabinets with doors.

Your guests will never know if there is a pile of objects stored behind the doors, and you will also have less surface to clean the dust.

The same system can also be applied to knick-knacks and small items that you don’t always want to keep locked in the closet. Get beautiful layered boxes and use to store individual items before you have guests.

4. Invest in several trays

For everything that you don’t want or don’t make sense to put in boxes and cabinets, or that you still have to remain visible even during a visit, invest in some beautiful trays to be seen and placed in strategic areas of the house.

Coffee table in the living room, kitchen table, sink rack in the bathroom, bedside table, all surfaces that attract “objects”. If you collect these “things” in similar groups and place them on a tray, their presence will immediately appear intentional, like a small tableau.

5. Finally let the light enter

Maybe you think that the shadow is more suitable to cover the disturbance, in reality its complicated presence makes each room appear smaller and crowded. On the contrary, a lot of light (if possible naturally) immediately gives a sense of airtight and wide space, making the disorder seem to be downsized.

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